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Sunday, August 21, 2011

When Will The Pig Lie Down With The Horse?

When confronted by critics saying that his recent increase in bridge and tunnel tolls and PATH fares is a tax increase, Governor Christie argued that people have it all wrong, it is simply an increase in user fees. Pointing out how stupid people can be sometimes, he explained, "If you look at a pig and call it a horse, and if lots of people call it a horse, maybe a lot of people start saying, 'Is it a horse?' No, it's a pig."

I agree with Gov Christie: his increase in our commuting costs, much like his reduction in state aid to NJ Transit last year that made my monthly train fare go through the roof, seems more like a pig than a horse.

Let's hope that one day the pig will lie down with the horse and the people of New Jersey can live in peace again.


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