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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Robo-Pole Unwelcoming to Cliffwood Beach Visitors

As the ultimate advocate for the new security cameras at the Cliffwood Beach seawalk, I was taken aback when one of those new Robo-Poles started addressing me this afternoon in officious and at times menacing tones.

In a booming male voice, the camera first advised me, YOU ARE UNDER SURVEILLANCE BY THE ABERDEEN TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT, which was fine by me once I gained my composure. Nothing like strolling the shoreline under the watchful eye of the local authorities.

Then the camera told me, WE HAVE TAKEN YOUR PICTURE, which seemed a bit intrusive but perhaps necessary to keep a watchful eye on miscreants (not me) who might damage the seawalk or even hurt someone. Those kids with spray cans will certainly think twice before doing damage, and robbers are on notice that the cops have their number.

But imagine my surprise when the camera told me to LEAVE THE AREA IMMEDIATELY. What's with that little bit of cheer? Nothing like being welcomed to a public recreational area by being told to -- What's the word? Oh, yeah, Scram! Get out of here! Turn and run before the police arrive and take you away! What's up with that? If there is a curfew down there -- and I don't think there is-- the law should be clearly posted.

Seems there is some fine tuning required on these security cameras. Maybe the Aberdeen Police should meet with the Chamber of Commerce and agree on more welcoming security camera banter that won't send beach visitors fleeing in terror?


  1. Holy crap! I love walking down there, but this kinda scares me. I mean what is wrong with old fashioned security cameras, you know? Big brother!

  2. Sounds like you need to make some phone calls and get an official word on this, because I don't think they should be telling you to leave the area.

  3. Before you know it, these cameras will start shooting automatic bullets along the boardwalk 2 minutes after the warning! HAHA!

  4. who are thy to tell us to leave the area we pay taxes to maintain that.Also wasn't one of the politcians RUNNING HIS CAMPAIGN ON THIS AREA

  5. I was down there the other day and the surveillance camera didn't address me. I suppose they've fixed that aspect of it. I'm actually pleased that they have the cameras there. And I wouldn't mind if they had it speak to intruders if there was a posted curfew. It needed some tweaking and they seem to have taken care of it.