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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene Taking A Short Break

The oak trees in my yard in Cliffwood Beach were shedding branches much of Saturday evening as the early bands of Hurricane Irene passed through Aberdeen, bringing thunder, lightning, and sheeting rain on 35 MPH winds with gusts into the mid-40s. The tops of my oaks have been swaying to and fro with strong winds that seem to be coming from the northeast. At the moment the storm has calmed down for a brief respite, but things will soon be picking up again.

In the past couple of hours I've added News 12 to my mix of weather news sources, which include The Weather Channel and CNN.


Speaking of tree limbs, I came across a news blurb in the 15 Aug 1896 edition (pg 5 of 8) of The Matawan Journal that says, "Sunday night a severe blow, approaching a hurricane, passed over Matawan and the top of an elm tree in Mrs Margaret Bray's front yard was broken off."

The 1900 Federal Census shows the widow Margaret V Bray (Aug 1830) living on Main Street in Matawan, along with her daughter Harriet W Bray (Mar 1870) and servant Ella Costello (Apr 1873).

The 1880 Federal Census shows Margaret (50) and Hattie W (10) in the Matawan household of retired merchant Sidney Bray (58). Their Irish servant was Maggie Loftus (22).


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