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Monday, August 1, 2011

25 Burgers Lookin' Sassy in Matawan

My wife visited 25 Burgers in Matawan today. It looks pretty spiffy inside. They have two dozen burgers plus a burger of the month, all running from about $6 to $8. They also have seven styles of specialty hot dogs. They have fries and onion rings and sell Coca Cola fountain drinks as well as Stewart's sodas by the bottle. Their shake machine is due at the end of this week. The staff are very friendly. Be sure to check out 25 Burgers.


  1. My family and I had lunch there this past weekend, and I have to say that Cheeburger just lost some customers. The burgers are fantastic. There isn't a specific facet that elevates these burgers to greatness, it is combination of good meat, good cheese, a great bun and fantastic lettuce/tomato. The fries are much better than what is served in Holmdel. They are thick and crispy but not burnt.

  2. I can't wait to try them out. My wife and I have been to Cheeburger once (Holmdel) and we are one and done, it was not good at all.

  3. Wondered when you would get to posting about this! We are loving having them here...the rolls are fresh made at the store, which is why they are so gosh darn good....and I highly recommend the pot roast burger. It's chunks of pot roast with cheese, horseradish and onion on a home baked roll - to die for!

  4. My wife and I visited 25 Burgers today and really enjoyed our sandwiches. It was my first visit. It seems the perfect choice for that shopping center, especially considering the previous restaurants that didn't make it there.

    I have to say that I experienced some sticker shock when it came time to pay the bill. I guess it was because everything was a la carte. I expected the two burgers to be $6 to $8 (ours totaled $14.50), but I hadn't counted on paying separately for everything else - our fries ($1.75), onion rings ($4.00), and sodas ($4.75), plus tax ($1.75), totaled $27.75. It makes the outing more like a restaurant visit than dropping in for fast food. I imagine a meal for two at Cheeburger Cheeburger in Holmdel would cost about the same.

    I had #21 The Chipotle Bison Burger, which comes with cheddar cheese, a heap of straw onions, lettuce, and tomato. It was yummy but my taste buds sensed no hint of jalapenos and smoke. Like I said it was great, but I'm not sure what the "chipotle" in the title was all about. My wife thoroughly enjoyed her #3 Bacon Cheeseburger.

    Kudos on the onion rings but I'll do without the fries next time. They're too thick and heavy with oil. Perhaps the fryer wasn't hot enough and the fries absorbed oil? (The frying process is particularly vulnerable to oil saturation when bunches of frozen items cool the oil.) All in all I prefer Wendy's new fries.

    I loved the art work and decor. A younger crowd might not recognize some of the lesser known cultural icons whose pictures adorn the walls. We sat under pictures of the Beatles, Stevie Wonder, and a group I couldn't identify. There was a picture of the Rat Pack in the back of the room -- I'll have to sit near that picture next time and see who's who. Perhaps a handout or guide on the wall would help resolve the question marks?

  5. I have to say I was not impressed with this place and will not be returning.

    The bun was too soft and falling apart in my hands leaving for a real messy experience.

    The fries and onion rings both thick and too oily.

    The burger itself, a bit too greasy.

    Too bright in the place, hurt my eyes. I hate fluorescent lights when eating.

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  7. In retrospect, the August 12 5:52 am comment by Anonymous showed too many signs of being submitted with the intent to redirect customers away from a competitor and towards the commenter's business, so to be on the safe side, I've removed it. I apologize if the removal was in error, but that's a risk of posting anonymously in such situations.

  8. Wow...cant imagine going back to Cheesburger or 18 burgers again...you just cannot beat the quality and variety of the food for the price... love the pics and music too...

  9. There should be a burger competition for best burger in the area. There are 4 or 5 places that could compete. it would settle things once and for all. Customers would pay $20 get a coupon from the 5 places competing for their best burger and all money gets donated to a local charity.