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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Aftermath of Hurricane Irene at Cliffwood Beach

We're just about done with Hurricane Irene here in Cliffwood Beach. I took a walk around West Concourse and Greenwood Avenue. We're still not supposed to drive about town but some folks have been doing so anyway.

Fallen branch in front of Bayview Church manse on West Concourse.

The park on Lakeshore Drive at Cliffwood Beach is flooded. Some young men walking up Greenwood Avenue return from the beach with a surfboard.

The water was flowing out (to the right)

The dirt road off Greenwood Avenue that provides access to the beachfront was flooded with up to a foot of water. The surrounding woods was full of water.

A powerline was down on Greenwood Avenue, forcing the closing of the road. People out sightseeing had to turn around in the adjoining driveway.

The house at the corner of West Concourse and Greenwood Avenue has a tree resting on the roof.

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  1. i think i know the dude with the surboad! LOL I bought that wet suit for him for his BD last year
    only he'd be dumb enough to surf in a hurricane in cliffwood beach LOL

    great pics though