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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

NJ Transit Picking Up the Derailment Pieces Overnight

NJ Transit crews are removing equipment from the tracks between 12:45 am and 3 am tonight in the wake of a minor derailment at New York Penn Station that caused major headaches for commuters all day Tuesday. Hopefully in the morning train service will be back to more than normal. (Normal has been pretty bad lately.)

I received over 20 NJ Transit alerts on my Blackberry on Tuesday announcing delays, cancellations, and other travel woes. Funny, NJ Transit picked Tuesday to issue its latest customer satisfaction survey. The survey was in my Blackberry inbox among the other messages from NJT.

SUPPLEMENT - Wed 9 Aug 2011 8 am

At 5 am NJ Transit thought things would be fine during today's rush. A little over an hour later they were announcing 20 to 30 min delays. By 7 am and still now the trains are 30 to 60 minutes delayed due to single track operations between Newark and the New York City. The backup at Newark will inevitably delay my arrival at Newark. They are cross honoring on PATH, so that ride will be crowded to Journal Sqare. Just another day on NJT.


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