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Monday, August 29, 2011

Cliffwood Beach Waterfront After Hurricane Irene

Here are some shots of the Cliffwood Beach waterfront in the wake of Hurricane Irene. There's been some serious erosion. New water channels even seem to be forming.

The dunes were seriously eroded by the tidal surge during the storm. This cutaway is about two feet high.

Some mounds of sand have been removed from Lakeshore Drive and piled in a gap in the dune.

The mounds of sand that were brought in over the past few months were washed away. (View is eastward from Lakeshore)

A channel formed between the bay and Lakeshore Drive during the storm.

Tidal pools formed in new channel.

Old tires, metal, and stone have been exposed.

Another channel has been forming for months. It runs between the beach and the outlet between Treasure Lake and Whale Creek. It runs parallel to the dirt road that runs between Greenwood Avenue and the beach.

A layer of dune sand has settled on the basketball courts in the beachfront park.


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