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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Veterans Buried at Mt Pleasant Cemetery, Matawan, NJ

A friend at the First Presbyterian Church of Matawan gave me a list of 37 veterans of American wars who are buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery on Route 516 near Route 79 in the Freneau section of Matawan, Monmouth County, New Jersey. The list was produced by the American Legion Post 176 in Matawan.

The list is from the time when the church still owned the cemetery. I can't vouch for its accuracy but present it here so the roster doesn't get lost. I checked around and didn't see it posted elsewhere. If I've duplicated the effort, no harm done.

I've added my research notes in italics and brackets after certain listings.

American Revolution
  • Captain Samuel Carhart (25 Jun 1737 - 26 Dec 1809)
  • Lieutenant Samuel Forman (3 Nov 1713 - 18 Jan 1792)
  • Private William Forman (? - ?)
  • Private Thomas Geran  (1 Mar 1760 - 1 Apr 1842)
  • Private Mathias Hulsart (1756 - 1846)
  • Captain Thomas Hunn (6 Oct 1736 - 15 Sep 1797)
  • Private John Lisk (15 Feb 1756 - 23 Mar 1823)
  • Private Matthew T Roberts (21 Mar 1755 - 2 Mar 1837)
  • Ensign Cornelius Vanderhoff (17 Oct 1762 - 10 May 1816)
  • Private Christopher Van Pelt (1750 - 15 Oct 1816)
War of 1812
  •  Private William Hyers (29 Oct 1772 - 10 Aug 1831)
  • Major Peter La Torrette (28 Feb 1785 - 11 Sep 1849)
  • Private Robert Little (1784 - 29 Oct 1821)
  • Private Asher Tice (19 May 1781 - 26 Feb 1865)
  • Second Lieutenant Samuel C Vanderhoff (? - 12 Dec 1847)
  • Corporal John Van Nuyse (14 Sep 1792 - 21 Sep 1845)
  • Private William P Walton (16 Mar 1770 - 27 Jan 1823)
US Civil War
  • Private Elisha Arose (9 Jun 1821 - 30 Aug 1902)
  • Private William R Bloodgood (? - 2 Apr 1896)
  • Private Benjamin Cooper (6 Jul 1814 - 21 Aug 1891)
  • Private Gershom Cottrell (21 Mar 1823 - 19 Nov 1907)
  • Private William M Cottrell (18 Aug 1819 - 5 Aug 1895)
  • Private Thomas S Ellison (1826 - 1908)
  • James J Hyer (5 Aug 1818 - 21 Feb 1906)
  • Private David Provost (12 Sep 1749 - 5 Mar 1819)
  • Private William R Ralph (1828 - 14 Jan 1889)
  • Private David O Rappleyea (12 May 1848 - 28 May 1896) {David was age 2 in the South Amboy household of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Rappleyea in the 1850 Federal Census. He enlisted on 15 Sep 1864 for the US Civil War and served in Company H of the 38th New Jersey Infantry Regiment. His company left on 4 Oct 1864 for City Point, VA, where they and the other companies formed a brigade of the Army of the James, Department of Virginia and North Carolina, and served garrison duty til the end of the war at Fort Powhatan, James River. The regiment lost 14 to disease. David mustered out on 30 Jun 1865 at City Point, Virginia. He married Mary and settled down in Manalapan, where they had a son William H Rappleyea about 1869, according to the 1870 Federal Census. David, Mary E and sons Alonzo and Edward were residing in Matawan in the 1880 Federal Census; William was not listed and is presumed to have died young. David filed for an early disability in May 1891 from his residence in NJ.}
  • Private/Sergeant Howard Reeder (? - 24 Jan 1900) {The Falls River Monthly Meeting of Friends recorded Howard's birth as 1827. Howard was living with his wife Hannah Ann and daughter Sarah in Lower Makefield, Bucks County, Pennsylvania in the 1850 Federal Census. His father, Charles M Reeder, age 75, a farmer, was enumerated on the same page of the census. Howard enlisted in the US Civil War on 26 May 1861 and served as a Sergeant in Company I, 3rd Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment, 32nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He mustered out 30 Aug 1862. He joined the 5th Regiment Militia Infantry for a couple of weeks in September 1862 as part of a call to the defense of Maryland against Lee's Army. He subsequently served as a Private in Company I, 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry Regiment, 161st Pennsylvania Volunteers. He deserted on 24 Aug 1864 but returned and mustered out with his company on 11 Aug 1865 at Richmond, Virginia. His military pension record shows that he filed a disability claim as an invalid while living in  NJ in January 1896.}
  • Private Job Roberts (4 Sep 1842 - 1925) {Job Mott Roberts was born in Ohio, the son of Thomas T and Ann (Throckmorton) Roberts. In 1863, Job enlisted in the 2nd Infantry Regiment, which was part of the Army of the Potomac. Job could have seen battle at Chancellorsville and/or Gettysburg that year. He was an insurance agent living in Staten Island with his wife Ella in the 1900 Federal Census. In the 1920 Federal Census, Job was living with his cousin, Catherine J Scobey, in Atlantic Township (named Colts Neck since 1962).
  • Sergeant Charles P Van Brackle (5 Jun 1844 - 29 Jul 1889) {Charles is one of the rare people I have come across to appear in what's left of the 1890 Federal Census, which was mostly destroyed by fire. Actually it is his widow, Rhoda, who was listed in the veterans schedule, likely related to his pension. Charles had two listings. First he served 5 Dec 1861 to 4 Jun 1863 as a private in Co G, 31st NJ Infantry. He then served 16 Sep 1864 to 30 Jun 1865 as a private in Company D, 28th NJ Infantry.}
  • Private John H Van Pelt (? - 13 Apr 1903) {Caution should be observed in using the following information, as the names could represent more than one person. John looks to be John Henry Van Pelt, var John Henry Vanpelt, born in March 1840 in New Jersey; son of John Henry Van Pelt, Jr, born about 1816 in New Jersey, and his wife Rebecca, born about 1818 in New Jersey; and grandson of John Henry Van Pelt, born about about 1781 in New Jersey. John (12) was living with his parents in Marlboro in the 1850 Federal Census, along with brother Hendrick (11), Mary (9), James (7), Noe (5) and Esack (1). John's grandfather, father and siblings James (15) and Esaac (12) were living in Marlboro in the 1860 Federal Census. I found a John H Van Pelt who enlisted on the Union side of the Civil War as a Private, Co G, NJ 3rd Infantry on 27 April 1861 and mustered out at Trenton on 31 July 1861. He enlisted again on 12 August 1861 as a Corporal in Co K, NJ 5th Infantry and mustered out at Washington, DC on 25 October 1862. He re-enlisted on 16 September 1864 as a Private in Co D, 38th NJ Infantry, and mustered out on 30 June 1865 at City Point, Virginia. A John H Van Pelt filed for a pension claiming service in Co G, 19th NJ Infantry (Note: Not 3rd, as above); Co K, 5th NJ Infantry; and Co D, 38th NJ Infantry -- application 16757, certificate 89813. John may be identical with John H Vanpelt (33) with wife Rebecca (24), living in Marlboro in the 1870 Federal Census. They were on the same page of the census with Hendrick Vanpelt (55) and his wife Margaret (50), possibly John's uncle and aunt. John's father remarried about 1870. John (30) lived in his parents' household in Marlboro in the 1875 NJ State Census, with his father, John H (56), step mother Annie E (31), step-brother Holmes (5) and step-sister Mary (1). John may be identical with John H Vanpelt (40), who lived in Manapalan in the 1880 Federal Census with wife Sarah (24) and daughter Mary (1). John's parents, John (66), Anna E (35), appeared in the 1880 Federal Census in Madison, Middlesex County, along with John's step-brother Holmes (12), step-sister Mary E (5) and step-sister Sarah (3). John may be identical with John H Van Pelt (60 - Mar 1840), living in Raritan, Monmouth Co, NJ in the 1900 Federal Census with wife Sarah (46 - Dec 1853), nephew John (14 - Jan 1886), grand-nephew Wesley (3 - Jun 1896) and grand-nephew (?) George W (30 - Dec 1869). The 23 April 1903 edition of The Matawan Journal contains a brief obituary for John. "John H Van Pelt, an old soldier who lived on the Atwater Place, was buried last Friday (17 April). On Saturday April 11 he went to visit James Emmons in Colts Neck and the following Monday he died suddenly. He was 64 years old and leaves a wife and two sons. Interment was in the Mount Pleasant burying ground." See his grave's Find-a-Grave listing here.}
  • Private William Van Pelt (? - ?)
  • Charles Warn (1845 - 1926) {Charles was enumerated in the 1920 Federal Census as a house builder living in Keansburg with his wife Sarah and sister in law Mary Morris. He was enumerated in the 1850 Federal Census as the 2 yr old son of James M and Margaret Warn and grandson of James M Warn. Charles' father and paternal grandfather were farmers.}
  • Private John E Yetman (1825 - 28 Nov 1893) {John Enoch Yetman was a private in Company A, 28th NJ Infantry in the war. He was born in Manalapan, was married to Catherine Elizabeth Applegate in Cranbury, lived in Newark, Millstone and Matawan, and died in Hoboken. The family, including John, his wife and four children, was enumerated in Matawan Twp in the 1880 Federal Census. Ancestry has a nice photo of John in his Civil War reunion uniform.}
World War I
  • Private Herman Lamberson (23 Apr 1888 - 16 Jan 1936) {Herman was assigned to the 566th Casual Company, 155th Depot Brigade at Camp Lee, Virginia. He was the son of John and Bertha Lamberson. Herman's father worked in one of the local brickyards in 1900, according to the 1900 Federal Census.}
  • Elmer J Morgan (? - Mar 1950) {Elmer J Morgan was born about 1900 in New Jersey, according to the 1940 Federal Census. He and his wife Ethel (age 40) and son William E (age 9) were living at 34 First Street in Matawan at the time. Elmer was a truck driver. I couldn't find a military record. Elmer and Ethel were in Matawan in the 1930 Federal Census. They were each 30 years old. Elmer worked at a local buffing company.}
World War II
  •  William Hubbs (2 Aug 1914 - 12 Mar 1959)  {Corporal William Hubbs was assigned to the 1060th Base Unit, Army Air Force, which was a personnel distribution center in Greensboro, NC during the war. He was the son of Charles P Hubbs, Sr and Ameline "Lina" Applegate.}