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Monday, August 15, 2011

It's Always A Personal Choice to Serve

Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District has announced that it is looking for someone to fill a vacancy on the Board of Education. This person would serve only until next April, when the winner of next spring's election to fill Pat Demarest's unexpired term through April 2013 would be installed.

Resumes of those wishing to fill the temporary position must be received by 4 pm on 7 September. The Board will review the applications and conduct interviews of the best qualified candidates at a Special Action Meeting on 20 September.

The Independent says that in an email Ms Demarest explained that she resigned because she no longer has children in our school system. This makes it sound like a principled act of some sort when it is simply a personal choice to end her service. It would be too bad if people got the idea from this that one must have a child in our schools to serve on the school board.


  1. That IS why people run for the school board. They want special services for their own kids! Do some looking around, and look at current and former members from the past few years and see who has special needs children and try to see if you can find out how much money has been spent to the benefit of school board member's children, along the lines of sending them out of district or other special help. Follow the money!

  2. I know of a former school board member who waited to run for the board because he had already raised all of his children. His wife explained to me that he felt his position on current issues would be more measured and impartial, and that was the reason for not running when he was still raising his own children.