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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aberdeen Posts Last Minute Agenda

At 1:44 in the morning,  the Township sent the Agenda for this evening's 7 pm meeting via e-Mail.  I type this while watching the Path & Toll Hike Hearing at 8 am in Jersey City on News12.  (Most people didn't have time to attend that either).

Of note are five items on a consent agenda that say (see proposed resolution) with no working links.  'Consent agenda' meaning they are considered routine and will be passed in one motion without discussion unless someone has opinion on them.

  • Resolution 2011-94 - Authorization of a Best Practices Inventory Questionnaire
  • Resolution 2011-95 - Directs insertion of a 2011 revenue item for a Municipal Recycling Services Grant
  • Resolution 2011-96 - Directing insertion of a Municipal Court Alcohol Education, Rehabilitation and Enforcement Fund
  • Resolution 2011-97 designates a group/business called "Silver Oaks" as a developer for 180 days
  • Resolution 2011-98 authorizing a health care buyout for municipal employees

So, IF you woke up before work and read the agenda, AND decide to get off work in time to go to Town Hall, and IF they have the proposed resolutions typed up and ready to handout, you MAY have some comments that you can speak to one way or the other during the allotted time for Hearing of the Citizens -- Agenda Items Only.


  1. http://www.aberdeennj.org/TC-Agendas/2011/comag081611/

    Look here and you can find the documents. Big one of Train Station

  2. Thank you.

    The Silver Oak developer resolution bears much further consideration. I appreciate the links.