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Friday, April 8, 2011

Wine Academy Superstore in Hazlet

Some serious efforts were underway this evening to complete work on the Wine Academy Superstore at the K-Mart Shopping Center at the corner of Route 35 and Bethany Road in Hazlet. As I drove by there were workers inside and out putting the finishing touches on the store, which is going into the former Hollywood Video next to the Verizon store.

UPDATE Tues Evening 19 April 2011

My wife and I drove by last night in hopes of picking up a bottle of wine, but the Wine Academy was still not open. They've bought out the bank next door and that section of the store looks like it still needs work. There are still hand trucks and boxes and mess around the store. All in all, it could be another week or so. And if they are awaiting inspections or permits, which seems to happen a lot around here, it could be even longer.

UPDATE Mon Evening 25 April 2011

When we drove by the store this evening, there were cars in the lot and a sign out front saying the Wine Academy is open. I was getting a couple of suits fitted at Joseph A Bank in Holmdel, so I'll have to check out the wine later in the week. The place looks very nice from the outside.

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  1. The Wine Academy on Route 35 in Hazlet is finally open!