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Sunday, April 17, 2011

NJ High Schools Seek Right to Overall Football Championships

New Jersey high schools are looking to convince the NJSIAA to allow overall state championships in football, per My Central Jersey. Proponents of a change to the constitution passed their first hurdle but have a ways to go yet, according to The Daily Record. If things go well, the first all-state championship could be held in December 2013.

4/27 UPDATE: The deal is shaping up to have the NJ high school football season begin a week earlier on what would typically be Labor Day weekend, according to My Central Jersey. The coaches involved in ironing this deal out are confident that the plan is workable. Maybe football is an unstoppable train? If that's the case, then, yes, this deal will go through.

But I wonder if parents and fans will be so generous to give up both Labor Day and Thanksgiving? The Newark Star-Ledger didn't even bring up this intrusion into Labor Day weekend in its most recent article, even though the Star-Ledger actually initiated the idea of moving the season up to the first week of September in an earlier article. Again, without mentioning that it was Labor Day weekend, many coaches polled by the paper seemed to like the idea of moving the season up a week in September, as long as the whole process didn't intrude on their mid-August vacations. The Asbury Park Press spelled out the Labor Day situation but didn't offer any pros and cons about it being a holiday weekend.

Ben LaSala figured there would be someone out there who didn't like it. But I'm sure it's not just me.

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  1. I've updated my blog article on the football championships meeting. It seems they plan to move football into Labor Day weekend. I wonder how that will fly with the BOE, parents, fans?