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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Big Top Tomato Adventure Takes Hiatus From Holmdel Home

Top Tomato Superstore in Holmdel has closed its doors and hopes to find another, smaller location in the area, according to APP. In the meantime, most of the store's 65 employees are out of work. Holmdel Commons has a client in the wings waiting for the space, which seems to have made the quick decision possible. All in all, the old Linen n Things location was just too big for Top Tomanagement to tomanage.

UPDATE: Based on an interview published in Freehold Patch, Top Tomanagement thinks Holmdel has too many grocers and too many vacant shops, so I'd say it is unlikely we'll see them opening a smaller store in the area after all. It's funny -- I had just chatted with my cabbie about Top Tomato and he was singing its praises, telling me how it was beating out Dearborn Farms, its chief competitor. I thought the store was a bit expensive, but he was a reasonable man living on a budget and he shopped there all the time. Based on the popularity of my article about Top Tomato when it opened, I'd say the store made a serious error in closing its doors.


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