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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cliffwood Fire - 27 April 2011

Photo from Greenwood Avenue across from Bayview Church looking towards Lakeshore Drive in Midnight Point.

The fire was actually across Route 35 in a marshy area south of County Road.
There's been quite a bit of fire and rescue activity in the Cliffwood Beach area in the past hour. Black billowing clouds of smoke began at dusk. The sirens continue to wail even now. I heard from one passer-by that the fire is on the northbound side of Route 35 near County Road. That would put the fire at or near Reflections Banquet and Catering, 111 Route 35 N. I'm staying off the road to allow for emergency vehicles to get around. I recommend you do the same.

UPDATE 11:30 PM - Route 35 North is closed at Cliffwood Avenue. There are a couple of construction vehicles in the middle of the road directing traffic north into Cliffwood Beach and around through the beachfront across Whale Creek and into Middlesex County. That route takes you to Ocean Boulevard and joins Route 35 N at the 7 Eleven in Cliffwood Beach.

UPDATE 12:15 AM - Thank you for the reader's feedback on the fire location in a marshy area off the southbound side of Route 35 near Salem Place. Yours is still the best detail on where the fire was. The Asbury Park Press has published a story and I just saw a News 12 New Jersey video. Hopefully the residents in Cliffwood are doing ok.


  1. The fire seemed to be primarily on the Southbound side of the highway, behind the Simply Storage Center.It seems to have been a rather large brush fire that raged throughout the swamp lands back there. Not sure as to whether or not there was any structural damage, but the fire seemed to back up tantalizingly close to residential blocks off County Road, such as Salem Place. I watched the fire rage from the parking lot of Addison Park so i had a pretty good view as to what was going on. Flames seemed to be spiking at 30 or so feet high at times.

  2. Earlier today I could see about a hundred (full disclosure...didn't count them) blackened tires littering the ground where the fire happened. We need to get them out of there. Beach clean up this weekend, isn't it? We should have an introductory session before it starts. It would be nice if people with similar community concerns know each other.

  3. Any post fire aftermath photos to share?