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Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Still Evening on the Cliffwood Beach Seawall

The sun finally peaked out late this afternoon, so I took a walk to the sea wall promenade. I came across a few people also out for a walk. The Raritan Bay was glassy still. There were flocks of migrating ducks along the shore.

I had a conversation with a fisherman who was annoyed that his fellow fishermen were leaving a mess along the seawall near Beach Drive. There are plastic bags and bottles strewn about on the rocky shore and in the nearby brush. Flies are gathering around the minced clams they are using as bait and then leaving the gooey mess and broken shells on the sidewalk. Rags are tied around the guard rail. If you bring a chair and enjoy an afternoon of fishing, be sure to leave the place like you found it. Find another way to deal with your bait and take your trash with you. Earth Day was only yesterday.

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