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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Civil War History: 5th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, Company K

Franklin Ellis lists the following officers as members of Company K of the New Jersey Fifth Regiment on pg 249 of his 1885 edition of the History of Monmouth County, New Jersey. While he claims that Company K was known as the Monmouth Company because so many of its members were from our county, the 1860 Federal Census suggests that many of these officers were from elsewhere. (see below) Perhaps the enlisted men were primarily from our county. I've not yet checked.

I created a 5th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry article in Wikipedia. It is only a baseline article and could use some more work. Feel free.  The Fifth Regiment served at many of the most famous battles of the Civil War, including The Wilderness, the Second Bull Run, Gettysburg, Fredericksburg, the Siege of Petersburg, Chancellorsville, and Cold Harbor, among others.

  • Vincent W Mount - 1860 Census shows a Vincent Mount, age 30, living in Washington, Mercer Co, NJ.
  • Edward A Acton - 1860 Census shows an Edward A Acton, age 30, born in Salem Co, NJ, living in Salem.
  • Guy Bryan - 1860 Census shows two Guy Bryans, one age 21 the other age 45, living in Southampton, Burlington Co, NJ.
  • Cyrus H Rogers - 1860 Census shows a Cyrus H Rodgers, age 24, living in Newark, NJ.
 First Lieutenants
  •  John T Cottrell - 1860 Census shows no obvious candidates
  • Theodore Young - 1860 Census shows a Theodore Young, age 24, living in Freehold, Monmouth Co, NJ, born in Saxe-Coburg (today's Bavaria, Germany)
Second Lieutenants
  • William Newman - 1860 Census shows a William Newman, age 37, living in South Amboy, Middlesex Co, NJ, born in Ireland.
  • William J Rusling - 1860 Census shows a William H Rusling, age 35, living in Hamilton, Mercer Co, NJ.
  • George W Dally - 1860 Census shows a George M Dally, age 27, living in Readington, Hunterdon Co, NJ.
First Sergeants
  • Edwin G Smith - 1860 Census shows numerous Edwin Smiths in the state.
  • Peter H Dye - 1860 Census shows a Peter H Dye, var Peter H Dey, age 19, living in Monroe, Middlesex Co, NJ
  •  George H Mitchell - 1860 Census shows a George H Mitchell, age 38, living on Staten Island in Castleton, Richmond Co, NY, born in England. There was also a George Mitchell, age 38, living in Trenton, Mercer Co, NJ.
  • George Stults - 1860 Census shows no good local candidates.
  • William A Wines  - 1860 Census shows no good local candidates.
  •  William Yetman - 1860 Census shows a William Yetman, age 19, living in Manalapan, Monmouth Co, NJ. There is a William C Yetmon, age 27, and a William Yettmon, each also living in Manapalan.
  • Robert D Silvers - 1860 Census shows a Robert P Silvers, age 24, living in East Windsor, Mercer Co, NJ.
  •  James Martin - 1860 Census shows numerous local candidates.
I'd be interested to receive a note if you have further information on any of these soldiers.


  1. hi i have grand army of the republic discharge papers of my relative richard collins post 27 barry company entered as a private in 1861 5th new jersey volunteers discharged in trenton new jersey 1864 list of all major battles including a head shot in cold harbor va any info on his where abouts would be greatly appriecated

  2. There was a Richard Collins who mustered in as a Private on 23 Aug 1861 into Company H of the 5th Regiment of the New Jersey Infantry and mustered out on 7 Sep 1864. The regiment was formed on 22 Aug 1861 when he joined and ceased to exist on 6 Nov 1864.

    There was a Richard Collins, age 21, an unmarried farmer born in New Jersey who registered for the US Civil War draft in the month of June 1863 in the First Congressional District of New Jersey, which included Cape May, Atlantic, Salem and Cumberland Counties. Richard resided in Galloway, Atlantic Counties, NJ at the time of the registration. The draft was overseen by Capt Robert C Johnson, Provost Marshal.

    The 1860 Federal Census for New Jersey showed the above Richard Collins was 18 years old in the large household of his parents, John and Elizabeth Collins, in Galloway, Atlantic County. His father was a farmer. His eldest brother Levi was a tailor. Other siblings were Mary, Georganna, Emeline, Sarah, Anna and Alice.

    The 1870 Federal Census showed Richard in Galloway living in the household of his widowed father, John Collins. His sister Sarah was tending to the household, while Emeline was a school teacher. Ann and Alice were still at home.

    The 1880 Federal Census showed Richard living in Port Republic, Atlantic County, NJ, along with his wife Adeline and children Clarence, Georganna, and Mariah, plus two servants.

    The 1900 Federal Census showed Richard (Jul 1841) and Adeline (Sep 1841) living in Galloway. They'd been married 33 years. His wife had borne 4 children, and 3 were still alive. Richard's occupation was lised as Prop S Mill (Proprietor, Steel Mill?).

    A Richard Collins enlisted in the 40th NJ Infantry Regiment on 23 Feb 1865 and deserted from same on 17 Jun 1865 at Hall's Hill, Virginia.