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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beach Volleyball

Kudos to Aberdeen Township for adding a new beach volleyball court to the Aberdeen Veterans Memorial Park at Cliffwood Beach. The township has to do a bit of additional work to deal with some swampy terrain along the edge of the sand pit, but otherwise it looks good to go.


  1. I'd really like to see the recreation department try to set up more activities down there. I think a lot of people don't even realize what is available.

    I also wish they'd advertise more when something is going on. They have an annual fishing contest that I never hear about until after it's over.

  2. The township website isn't offering any summer activities besides the kids' reading program. I guess the family fishing contest was the last organized event until fall. Last year they had a folk singer play outside town hall one evening, but that's about it.

    Aberdeen is leaving us to our own devices. They've shut down until fall, I guess. The dearth of things to do certainly won't bring any business into town through Labor Day.

    Lacking alternatives, I suggest you visit neighboring Keyport. Its Twilight Concert Series runs Sat evenings from 7-9 pm through June in the Mini Park. It also has a weekly Farmers Market on Thursdays from July to October from 3-7 pm. You could visit Matawan's Lake Lefferts and sign out a canoe and attend the 4th of July fireworks display there. And you'll want to attend the Monmouth County Fair 22-26 July 2009 at the fairgrounds in Freehold.

    Be sure to sign up for the township notices. They'll send you emails to notify you of changes to the twp webpage. You would have received notice of the fishing event.