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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pictures of the Freneau Gravesite and House

As a follow up to my blog article about Philip Freneau, my daughter and I took a ride over to Poet Drive and walked through the graveyard and saw what used to be his house across the street. My daughter and a classmate created a video tour of the house and graveyard a few years ago as part of a history class assignment at Matawan Regional High School. Below are some of the pictures I took yesterday.

The graveyard is accessed by a brick staircase that takes you up to high ground, where a black metal fence surrounds a large grassy lot. A tree has been recently cut down and the stump ground to a pulp. The grave itself is in a shady corner of the lot covered by trees, which explains why so many pictures of the grave are dark.

The Freneau house is right across the beautifully manicured, tree-lined street. The house is brightly decorated in bunting with patriotic colors and adorned with an Uncle Sam yard ornament and a colorful mailbox. A flowering tree in front of the house is in full bloom. The road seems to cut deep into a hill that would have naturally sloped down from the gravesite to the house. Poet Drive has the shape of a noose, with the house just inside the knot and the gravesite just outside the loop to the right.

A local group ought to consider placing a statue of Freneau on the ample land available in the graveyard. It would certainly become one more in a long list of must-see historic sites in the area and would attract a moderate flow of tourists as well as create an atmosphere conducive to the bed and breakfast crowd.

To get to Poet Drive, take Main Street (Route 79) through Matawan towards Marlboro. Not far beyond Wilson Avenue and Mill Road and before Lloyd Road you'll find Poet Drive on your left. (see map at bottom)

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  1. Thanks for the nice comments about the decorations.

  2. I am mikes wife,it would be nice if we could open some sunlight onto the stone memorial ,as moss and molds. Lichens ? Are attacking the monument,I do very much agree that more !could be added it is a good space, I would love some seating and fruit trees,as well, he did have a love for botanicals. I MYSELF am continueing in his creative spirt, As a artist, I often am painting as well as sculpting and writing, In the homes main room. Creativity Lives , here.
    I pray his hard work, His defensive, words.....Should make us all think,and strive to do the right thing. EVEN IF THIS MEANS. Doing the opposite , of your neighbors, and shouting , when Appropriate ..........shutting up , when stupidity rears it's nasty face....It's not easy. But it's worth it.