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Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Freehold Borough Police Captain Raised in Matawan

When Glenn Roberts was promoted to captain in the Freehold Borough Police Department earlier this month, Roberts told a News Transcript interviewer how Freehold reminds him of his days growing up in Matawan.

"I grew up in Matawan, which is a small town like Freehold Borough. ... Everyone knew everyone. We would stop and talk to the shop owners all the time. When I came to Freehold as a teenager to hang out with my friends, it reminded me of the beautiful older homes on Main Street in Matawan. Coming to Freehold was like being home," he said.

Roberts said he enjoyed going on foot patrol and talking to business owners.

"It just reminded me of growing up," he said. . . .

As captain, Roberts will direct police operations and Internal Affairs. He is also in charge of vehicles, building maintenance, technology and the police dispatchers, as well as some in-service training, records and the state computer systems.


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