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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Special Education Week, 11-17 May 2009

Parents of Special People (POSP) will host a dedicated walk-through of an art exhibit featuring the works of Special Education K-12 students from the Aberdeen-Matawan School District at the Aberdeen Township municipal building from 5-7 pm on Monday 11 May 2009. The exhibit is part of Special Education Week, which runs 11 to 17 May 2009. Light refreshments will be served at what is being called the "Personal Best Gallery Walk". (APP)

In his annual message back in January, Mayor David Sobel reflected on the establishment in 2008 of a week in May dedicated to Special Education. The Mayor said,"One notable special event in 2008 was the declaration of Special Education week in May. Beautiful and wonderful artwork created by children with special needs decorated the lobby of town hall for weeks, an event we hope to repeat in the coming years."

The mayor's proclamation of last year's Special Education Week appears in the 6 May 2008 township council minutes

May 11 through May 17, 2008
WHEREAS, four hundred and eighty-five (485) children receive special education and related services in the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District; and
WHEREAS, dozens of parents, teachers, child study team members and school administrators give generously of their time and energy to support the learning needs of special education students; and
WHEREAS, since 1985 the New Jersey School Boards Association has sponsored Special Education Week in New Jersey; and
WHEREAS, the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District has the ability to make major contributions to these exceptional persons by helping them grow and learn to participate as citizens in our community and as members of society.
NOW, THEREFORE, I, DAVID G. SOBEL, MAYOR OF THE TOWNSHIP OF ABERDEEN, do hereby proclaim, on behalf of the Township Council, the week of May 11 through May 17, 2008, as Special Education Week in Aberdeen and call upon all citizens to recognize the achievements of our district's special education students and the outstanding contributions made by educators, school board members, administrators and parents toward quality education for the exceptional students of our district.
Councilman Perry made a motion to add Resolution No. 2008-65 and Resolution No. 2008-66 to tonight’s consent agenda. Seconded by Councilman Vinci.
Ayes: Councilmember Gallo, Perry, Vinci, Deputy Mayor Gumbs and Mayor Sobel
Nays: None
Abstain: None

A few technical matters:
  1. A mayoral proclamation for annual Special Education Week events in perpetuity seems warranted. By my reading of it, the 2008 proclamation covered only last year's event. I could find no posted proclamation regarding this year.
  2. The township provides a link on its website's Community page to the Special Education Parent Advisory and Support Group. This link is directed to a private POSP blog with restricted access. The general public requires permission from the blog's owner to view its contents. I can certainly understand the need for privacy if this blog serves as a support mechanism for the parents of special people. But what is a Community page? Seems to me the blog should either be made accessible to the public or not be posted as if it were a link of general interest to the community.
  3. Monday's tour and the art exhibit schedule should appear on the township calendar for public information purposes. The Asbury Park Press article makes reference only to the "municipal building" but leaves it to readers to discern whether Aberdeen or Matawan might be hosting. Chances are some folks won't be able to find the event. The Press also fails to mention that it is an art show, something I had to discern from the mayor's annual message.


  1. I believe that the Mayor will be doing a proclamation for this year at the Gallery Walk on May 11 - as will the Mayor of Matawan, if I am not mistaken.

    POSP does have a public website, located at http://www.pospmatab.com/. The one that the Aberdeen site is connected to is the old site, which is not only open to the current members of POSP. I will let them know to inform whoever does the upkeep on the Aberdeen site that it should be changed to link to the new site.

    The Press might have left out what exactly the showing is of (though they certainly could have made it more clear) because it's the children's "personal best" whether it's in the form of a piece of art, a report, a test, a poem, etc. that displays the individual child's personal best and/or strength in school.

    The POSP members who have worked on this event, and all the Special Education Week events that will be happening in the schools deserve some major kudos for all the time, effort and energy that they've put into getting it all together.

    Thanks for helping to get the word out!

  2. Sorry, that should have read "which IS only open to the current members" instead of "NOT only open to the current members".

  3. I caught your meaning. Thanks for the explanations and help on this. I hope things went well with the event.