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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Dredge Report

The Bayshore Regional Watershed Council is working with the county planning board and local non-governmental organizations to create a Dredged Material Management Plan (DMMP) for the Bayshore. Nice in principal, but it has a major NIMBY concern for Aberdeen residents.

According to The Independent, the Cliffwood Beach leaf composting facility is considered a "historic dredged material disposal site." The dredging plan says Cliffwood Beach "offers an opportunity to blend dredged material with leaf compost . . . ," adding that the composting site's proximity to Matawan Creek and Raritan Bay "provides opportunities for barge transport. . ."

In other words, while other Bayshore communities are getting deeper, safer channels for their boats, the county will be dumping dredging wastes into the compost materials that we Aberdeen Township residents put into our garden beds. What a deal.

What's with the Bayshore Independent not making that issue a bit clearer?


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