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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Aberdeen Council Agenda Lacks Details

The Aberdeen Township Council agenda sometimes needs a bit of translation. Some items are unintelligible. I just got the 4 Oct 2011 agenda in my email the other day.
  • The obscure reference to a budget adjustment in Resolution 2011-110 looks to be a $4,600+ grant from the NJ Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund (DDEF). As of 19 September, Matawan hadn't spent two-thirds of its $5,500+ DDEF grant, according to the NJ Office of the Attorney General.
  • A budget emergency is prompting the Council to add $90,000 to cover a water rate increase. Without access to the mentioned budget sheets, it is difficult to make sense of Resolution 2011-111. A doubling in the past year in statutory expenses to $1.45 million, for example? A reasonable person cannot make heads or tails of this resolution.
  • Over $400,000 is going to CME Associates for engineering work related to the 2011 Road Improvement Program, according to Resolution 2011-112. Searches of Google and the Aberdeen website provide no details. Bid requests were promulgated by bidding websites a while ago but those posting are no longer available online.
  • Resolution 2011-113 seeks to award a contract for the 2010 Road Improvement Program. No detailed resolution is attached.
  • Resolutions 2011-114 and 2011-115 are for performance bonds for construction in Cliffwood Beach.
  • Resolution 2011-116 is for sidewalk construction between Atlantic Avenue and Walgreens along Route 34. Last year the Council was discussing having this work done in the spring.


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