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Friday, October 21, 2011

Jackson Browne at Count Basie

We went to Count Basie Theater on Tuesday and enjoyed an evening of music with Jackson Browne. He had maybe 16 guitars at the ready, each equipped for a different type of song. For some reason, his fans felt the need to shout out the names of songs they wanted to hear, which was really annoying. I have his live album on my iPod and the audience that night did the same thing. Our seats were fine, even in Row Z.

The film above will give you a good sense of the look and sound of this year's tour, except to note that his performance went quite flawlessly in Red Bank. Sky Blue and Black, The Load Out/Stay, These Days, and The Pretender are all great songs. My favorite line of the night came from the song Rock Me On the Water:

Oh people, look among you
It's there your hope must lie

We went to Houlihan's for dinner before the show. I recommend finding a place to park and then eating in Red Bank. We ended up parking on a side street across from Gaetano's. At least I had the chance to show off my parallel parking skills in a space on the left side of the street.


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