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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Delays At Newark Penn Station

Signals out at Penn Sta Newark with no end in sight. Huge crowd.

UPDATE 10:07 PM: Commutes were delayed one to two hours or more tonight. I've not been herded and corralled like I was tonight since Disney World. Today's odyssey at Newark only added an hour to my trip home.  I fear others weren't so fortunate. I just got a note (9:49 pm) saying NJ Transit trains are finally back to almost normal. NJT has offered no updates in three hours, leaving me to wonder what it's been like at Newark all evening.

All in all, communications with NJ Transit passengers at Newark Station reached an all time low today. The public address system was so difficult to hear that NJT sent several women through the station shouting that bus service was available to Elizabeth and Rahway. The messages I could hear were of little if any use. Do the math: massive crowds of commuters cooling their heels with nowhere to go PLUS no commuter information EQUALS a recipe for disaster.

NJT has been promising improved communications as a priority after two surveys indicated great customer dissatisfaction, but the situation is truly worse than ever. Please, no more surveys if you're not going to even try to fix things.

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