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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gives A Summons Without Observing It Is Appalling

When a citizen's daughter parked at the Aberdeen-Matawan train station recently, her father somehow ended up with a ticket for littering. According to the 6 Sep 2011 Council minutes, Dad told the Council that his daughter paid the daily fee at the parking machine, but the parking machine allegedly dumped her parking receipt on the ground instead of giving it to her. Ever efficient, the local authorities found the stub on the pavement, figured out which car this "litter" belonged to, and issued a summons to Dad. "I'm no litterer," Dad told the Township Council at their September meeting. He complained that he'd have to take a day off work to defend the ticket, which didn't seem fair. A Council member agreed to look into the matter.

By the way, I've taken the liberty of interpreting this story from the minutes for you. In my opinion, this portion of the minutes, reproduced below as they appeared, is barely literate. Feel free to leave your comments on whether the minutes provide an adequate version of this story.

Jay Mandel
3 Rockwell Circle
Mr. Mandel stated he received a summons on littering at the Train Station. He is against littering. This summons he has to appear in Court, he has to take a day off to go. Summons was on Ordinance 4-15.2 . They are saying the receipt from the machine was not taken. My daughter has paid and no receipt comes out. Code Enforcement sees something on the floor and gives a summons without observing it is appalling. Especially in these economic times. I just want to bring it to your attention, some people cannot take the time off from work. Dan McCarthy thanked Mr. Mandel and stated we will check into it.


  1. Aberdeen's finest!!

  2. Pat...you're on fire!!!!!!!! Slow down w/ these posts.

  3. McCarthy's the township attorney, not council member.

  4. I was so wrapped up in deciphering the text that that detail escaped me. Thanks for the catch. Wasn't he the wizard that threatened to call the police on the County Road residents who wanted to speak at Council?

  5. DISGRACEFUL!!!Where is the proof that this system has been validated and the notification to the public that the practice of issuing tickets based on assumption is being implemented? Welcome to the future of a Police State!