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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monmouth County Clerk Neglects to Post Sample Ballots Online

Sample ballots are not yet posted on the Monmouth County Clerk's web page. The League of Women Voters guidance to NJ voters says we should expect our sample ballots in our mailboxes a week before the election but nothing about when county clerks ought to post them online. The Monmouth County Clerk posted the November 2010 sample ballots online in September, so what's the deal? Districts have changed, so it is all the more important that voters get their sample ballots ASAP.

The League says, by the way, that if you don't get your sample ballot in the mail early this week, there could be something wrong with your voter registration. Guard all aspects of your right to vote and then exercise that right.


I finally found a list of sample ballots buried on the county clerk's website. The page is supposed to be linked to the Forms page but isn't. I found it by conducting a site search. (Turns out they posted a link at the top of the Monmouth County home page this year and didn't add a link to the clerk's page.)

Here's some sample ballots for Aberdeen and neighboring towns:
This weekend you should make sure you learn as much as you can about the candidates. Don't just vote for names you know. If you're voting for the incumbents, make sure you understand their politics, their voting records, and their intentions for the coming term. If you're voting the bums out, make sure they had something to do with what you're upset about. Keep in mind that 75% of your property tax bill involves the school district, so these people have little to do with your bank account being squeezed dry.

I noticed that we're being asked to amend the state constitution to allow sports betting at racetracks and Atlantic City. If you hadn't heard, lotteries and sports betting are extremely regressive ways for the state to earn a buck. The poor have precious little disposable income, so when they gamble they are spending their milk money. The wealthy have extra money to burn. That's why they call it regressive. Just like all this discussion of a flat tax is regressive, against the poor and middle class. I will be voting against the public question.


  1. I found the Monmouth County web page with the 2011 sample ballots and posted a link to it in an update to this article. In recent years the sample ballots page has been linked to the County Clerk's page, but this year they threw the link on the county's home page.

  2. Thanks, this was very helpful!