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Sunday, October 2, 2011

NJ DEP and Aberdeen Construction Projects - September 2011

The 21 Sep 2011 edition of the DEP Bulletin lists the status of several ongoing projects in Aberdeen.
  • The 2010 Road Improvement Program still lives. Aberdeen Township will be discussing it in its workshop meeting on 4 October 2011.
  • The long-awaited construction of 115 townhouses at 376 County Road in Cliffwood was approved on 6 Sep 2011 with the issuance of a CAFRA permit to C&M Realty c/o Michael Bruno (pg 37/63). A Coastal Area Facility Act permit is required to construct residential, commercial, public, transportation, utility and energy-related facilities in the coastal area as defined by the Act. County Road parallels Whale Creek at that point.
  • Montone Land Resources has some sort of interest in 357 County Road (pg 48/63). 
  • The State is still tinkering with the long-awaited NJ DOT work on Route 35 between Matawan Creek and Old Bridge (pg 53/63).

The Montone Land Resources application (1330-11-0002.1-FWW110001) submitted on 29 Jun 2011 and approved on 2 Sep 2011 allows a change in use of Fresh Water Wetlands (FWW) at 357 County Road in Cliffwood. Bob Kozachek is DEP project manager.


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