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Saturday, October 29, 2011

History: Aberdeen-Matawan Train Station Buildings

Holmdel Patch has an interesting piece on Aberdeen-Matawan train station and its three station buildings.

I'd be interested in more details about the renovation plan, the buildings in the area -- what they were, what they are now, what the plans are for them -- etc. Hopefully someone will write a piece about the abandoned building next to the new station, for example. I believe it was a chemical company. I hope that building goes away in any station renovation project. What about the discussion of putting the library there? What about parking for residents? And parking in general?  And what's going on with the law suit between the two municipalities? Is there no accountability for that dragging on endlessly? And the loss of the parking concession back to NJ Transit? That cost us a lot of money, I presume. Who is stepping up to go through the paddle wheel for that blunder?

I can't believe there is so little information in the public realm about such a key issue with municipal elections only a few days away. Does it strike anyone else as ironic that Planning Board members are running for Aberdeen Council and will likely win seats, despite their abysmal record with the Glass Plant and Train Station renovation projects?


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