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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wrested From Development

Governor Christie is protecting the taxpayers of New Jersey from their debt by gradually dismantling society. He has effectively cut teachers, closed and merged schools, fired janitors, shuttered public libraries, reduced public transportation, and raised commuter costs. Now he has called a halt to the largest public works project in America, inexplicably redirecting much-needed monies and jobs from a $10 billion trans-Hudson transportation project to projects in other areas of the country. Christie already demonstrated that he knows how to lose the state millions in school aid; now he is managing at the same time to avoid the federal gravy train in public works funding and reject cooperation on a mutually beneficial interstate construction project with New York.

To top it off, when we are down on our luck, we won't even be able to go bet on the horses because he plans to close the track. Now that's progress.


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