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Monday, October 11, 2010

Keansburg Fire Forces Evacuations, Destroys Condo Complex

The Newark Star Ledger reports a major fire on Beachway in Keansburg. The fire started in a warehouse around 1 am Monday morning and spread to neighboring residences and vehicles. Check their NJ.com website for footage from Fox News as well.

The Jersey Coast Chapter of the Red Cross provided support to evacuated residents and over a hundred firefighters from the New Point Comfort Fire Company fire house.

APP and other news services have coverage also.

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  1. Thank you to the Keansburg Fire Department Auxiliary at the New Point Comfort Station for all their help with supplying information, supplies and comfort to all the victims. I'd especially like to thank Ginger Rogan, who contacted the American Red Cross, set up cold beverages for the incoming, made coffee in the morning, whipped up a fantastic pancake breakfast, and generally helped care for and clean up after about 40 residents and volunteers.

    I'd also like to thank the following members of the Jersey Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross for their help and support: Charlyene Douma, Ellen Korpar, and Lenny Winter who were my co-volunteers at the shelter, Carl Lilvik and Jose Villagran, who manned the Emergency Response Vehicle at the fire scene and then brought supplies and assistance to the shelter at the Keansburg Fire Department, Linda Toop, who handled staffing and resource requests, and Robyn Porreca, Disaster Supervisor, who arrived at the scene and the shelter to oversee operations.

    And finally I would like to thank the citizens of Keansburg who provide unfailing support for the American Red Cross, and are a source of endless caring to their fellow residents.

    Diana Noble