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Friday, October 15, 2010

Asbury Park Press Doesn't Deliver for Matawan

How are local citizens supposed to vote wisely when the area newspaper solicits and publishes self-evaluations from the candidates and provides no routine summary of the candidates' accomplishments, viewpoints, and votes; insights from residents; assessments from political insiders; and/or editorial commentary?  I guess the job is overwhelming.

APP does a disservice by printing vanilla letters provided by the two incumbents running for Matawan Borough Council. They do a disservice by pairing up those bland responses with blank space representing how those seeking to unseat them failed to provide APP the appropriate response in a timely manner. We didn't even get photos of the two who didn't submit letters, even though one of them previously served on the Council and his picture is surely on file.

Last time, APP reportedly blended the letters of Aberdeen candidates and made it sound like the reporter actually talked to the candidates. I guess today's press releases are an improvement in transparency of process, so I shouldn't complain too much. But the lack of detail in those letters is staggering, if not surprising.

The public is not informed, APP. Maybe The Independent will do a better job?


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