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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do Washingtonians Really Drive The 66?

I am a huge fan of Bones, but I was left totally disillusioned by their October 14th Beauty and the Bounty episode. The show is set in Washington, DC but the dialog seemed to be negatively influenced by some careless Angelinos. The episode gave me nasty flashbacks of monster traffic jams on The 5 and The 405 in Los Angeles after the actors kept referring to Washington's Interstate 66 as "The 66." I think I even heard a reference to "The 81." For shame! Washingtonians, like most people on the East Coast, refer to Interstates by their number alone, with no definite article, such as: I like riding on 95 and What a view today on 66!

Let's hope that the writers can clear that jargon from the script next season.

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  1. Good catch!

    It reminds me of another show blunder that drives me nuts. The Office. In one of the rooms, I forget which one, Michael's office, or the Conf. room, there is a huge map of PA on the wall. Yet, there is a tree that covers the Northeast part of PA - the very part where Scranton is located! Seems to me that they'd want theirr sales territory shown, not hidden, right?