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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rubino Faces Suspension After Ethics Ruling

According to APP, Jan Rubino faces a recommended six-month suspension from her seat on the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District's Board of Education after an administrative judge ruled that she violated state law and the board member code of ethics in connection with campaign emails she sent. A decision on the sentence is expected by 15 November.

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  1. Several years ago, I sat in on a school board "meet the candidates" type of meeting in a neighbor's livingroom. At that time I asked the board members and candidates in attendance a critical question: "Why would anyone want to run for office for a Board of Education position?"

    I explained that since the position was (ostensibly) nonpolitical in nature, there was no pay involved, and the members of the all volunteer board seemed to put in many more hours of hard work than a paid member of the town council, I failed to see why someone would work so hard to get the job. Printing up signs and flyers, distributing them, sending out mailers, and risking an election loss... I'm not sure they understood what I meant. After all, many of those that I knew on the school board were among the most service oriented, selfless people I have ever known. I got the impression that those that put themselves "out there" on the ballot felt that they couldn't not run.

    I am lucky and fortunate indeed to count Jan Rubino among those whom I hold in that small group of the "most honorable" of individuals and citizens that I have ever met. I remember her working with Superintendent Klavon and the administration and faculty of the Cliffwood school as a member of, and later, President of the Cliffwood PTO. She set an example of the PTO there as one of the strongest allies a school could have in raising funds for essential equipment for the betterment of education. In the recreation leagues, she was always there to co-manage the responsibilities of the softball teams and I met her many times on the ball field. She is one of those adults with the type of character and citizenship traits that you want your child to model.

    In the due course of time, Jan Rubino ran for the Board of Education, likely at the request of a friend or two, and certainly not to use it as a bully pulpit or spring board to advance her standing in the community. People like Ms. Rubino have earned their reputations from their works, and not because campaigns of words. She was always there for the teachers, children, her neighbors, doing the types of things that make for good strong communities.

    I am deeply troubled by the current events and rulings that, though procedurally sound, sterilely seem to try to unravel a person's lifetime of phenomenal service. Which brings me back to the original question that I asked in the beginning of my comments.

    Whatever the ultimate outcome of the court's ruling, I too, hope to put this all in the past. With all sincerity I commend Jan Rubino for her exceptional character and community service. I personally thank her for her selfless work on behalf of my child and our community.

    Diana Noble