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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Speedy Delivery Comes to Matawan PD

Matawan and Gloucester City police departments began using a new toy in their squad cars on Friday, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.They can issue you a traffic summons or parking ticket in about forty seconds.  Here's an excerpt from the news article, which of course focused on Gloucester City:

Squad-car laptops are equipped with . . . e-ticketing software. Officers swipe a driver's license in a small scanner. Criminal and driving histories, obtained from different databases, are then displayed on the laptop and automatically entered into the software.

Officers then choose the offense from a menu and input their location. Squad cars are equipped with a printer, and tickets are printed in the car. Tickets and summonses are automatically uploaded to the Administrative Office of the Courts.

For a parking violation, officers would enter the license-plate number, make, and model, along with the offense and location.


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