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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Marching Huskies Perform at 2010 Chapter X and ACC Championships

Matawan Regional High School's Marching Huskies performed well at the Chapter X championships at West Essex last week, earning a slot in today's Group 2 Open competition at the Atlantic Coast Championships in Hershey Park. Brick Memorial came in first at the ACCs today, with special awards for best music and best visual. Governor Livingston came in third and earned best auxiliary. 


  1. I loved the Huskie Marching Band video! Thanks so much for that. By the way, do you know what is being build on 34 south just past where the old friendlys used to be?

  2. The township has two major housing projects in the works this year -- one in Cliffwood near Route 35 and the other on Route 34 near the Shop Rite. The latter project was recently memorialized by the Planning Board,so maybe the construction you're seeing is the Route 34 town homes? Perhaps someone more familiar with that part of town can comment?

  3. On the same side of 34 as the old Friendlys and near to the bagel shop and pizza place will be a Dykes Home Center or something of the sort. It seems to be an odd placement for a home store, with not much around it, perhaps more stores to follow? Who knows.