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Thursday, October 21, 2010

MAMS Anti-Bullying Campaign is "Kickin' It"

I was privileged to be present this week at the Matawan Aberdeen Middle School during their anti-bullying campaign.

Each day featured another facet of the program, which seeks to continue reporting declines in vandalism and violence, according to this week's Independent.  My personal favorite was "No Diss" Tuesday, a day we could do with a lot more of (and not just in our schools).

Despite the half-day schedule, today the school managed to host 2 assemblies for grades 6 and 7, designed to bolster student self esteem, and give the children the tools to help themselves and help their friends to reduce physical, mental, and social bullying. Led by the 2010 Muay Thai Champion Chris Romulo, the students wrote poetry, drew pictures, and used boxing gloves to destroy bullying placards.  They also got to discuss how it felt to be bullied, and how they would stop it.

Students were all given a Student Kickin' It Kit, and many ways to contact the presentation team, to ask for help or share ideas.  Before leaving, the entire presentation team stopped by to visit with Ms. Redzinak's 6th and 7th grade students, delivering signed autographs and chatting for a few minutes.

Students can visit the Kickin' It Facebook page.

They can send e-Mail to bullyingwerekickinit@yahoo.com

They can visit the campaign's web-site at WereKickinIt.com.

Hopefully the school will post key contact information for parents and students about the program on their web site.


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