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Friday, June 12, 2009

Personnel Changes in the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District for 2009/2010

Matawan Regional High School will have a half dozen new faces among its teachers this fall, according to the superintendent's 2009/2010 school year personnel recommendations that were to be presented at the 8 June 2009 MARSD Workshop Meeting.
  • Craig Burfeindt - TV Production (replacing Kaiserman/Kress)
  • Michael Craparo - Social Studies (replacing McCabe)
  • Marc Komito - Math (replacing Leggett)
  • James Smith - Chemistry (replacing Chapman)
  • Timothy McGovern - Chemistry (replacing Samitt)
  • Michele Lambly - Social Studies (replacing Rosiello-Leach)
Brian Farrell and Kelly Bera are to become the principals at Cliffwood Elementary and Strathmore Elementary, respectively. Laurie Costello will be a new math teacher at Matawan Avenue Middle School. And there will be four new custodians in the school district.

There are many other details in this lengthy document; you may wish to peruse the agenda for items of particular interest. A sampling of what you will find: A new social studies textbook was approved. Over $3.3 million in payroll expenditures in May. Summer school. Summer theatre. Home schooling. Work study. An agreement that allows school buses to be used for Aberdeen Township summer recreation program, but the Twp must pay all expenses for use of the buses and drivers. Contract for an alarm system at the district. Dining services contract. Board vehicles maintenance contract.

I noticed the current Mission and Vision Statements in the attached agenda. Since they will be discussed at an upcoming workshop, I thought I would include the texts here:

Mission Statement
  • To provide every child with the highest quality of instruction, curricula, and services;
  • To treat every child with respect and dignity;
  • To give every child the opportunity to learn and mature, to acquire a thirst for knowledge, to experience the satisfaction of accomplishment, and to anticipate becoming a productive member of a democratic society.
Vision Statement

Upon leaving the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District, all children will credit us with having given them what they need educationally to help them succeed in life in the pursuit of their own goals.


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