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Saturday, June 27, 2009

  • The Daily Record says a woman from Chester, NJ has been practicing law from an office in Matawan since 2005 and represented at least one client in county court but is not a member of the county bar association. She's been arrested for practicing law without a license and theft by deception.
  • Geology.com has an interactive map of the New York City area that allows you to see how much of the area would be affected by various changes in the sea level due to global warming. Grab the map and drag it down to Aberdeen, then zoom in. Choose a sea level rise -- it defaults at 7 meters but can be raised to 14 m. The higher levels tend to flood most of Cliffwood Beach. Drag the map over to the Bayshore and you'll see how devastating global warming will be to places like Union Beach and Keansburg. And if you look at the barrier islands just south of Sandy Hook, forget about it. Geology.com also has a wide assortment of New Jersey maps.


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