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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Models of School Mission Statements - Londonderry, NH

If you're looking for a school mission statement to compare to our district's, Londonderry, New Hampshire's Londonderry High School is a great place to start. It's geared to students in their dual roles of academics and learning community members, but that could be adapted to our needs quite easily.

Londonderry High School, in partnership with parents and the community, provides a safe and nurturing environment with varied opportunities promoting good character, academic excellence, and responsible citizenship necessary for future success in the local and global community.


Academic Expectations
Students of Londonderry High School
  • Demonstrate literacy through reading, writing, thinking and speaking effectively.
  • Apply critical thinking, research and problem solving skills to a changing world.
  • Function as self-directed learners in a variety of learning and working environments.
Civic Expectations
Members of the Londonderry High School community
  • Demonstrate an awareness of their individual rights and responsibilities as contributing members of the larger community.
  • Exhibit school pride through support of school activities and involvement in community life.
  • Model ethical and lawful behavior as responsible and accountable citizens.
Social Expectations
Members of the Londonderry High School community
  • Develop positive relationships, demonstrate tolerance, and respect diversity.
  • Interact cooperatively while working toward common objectives.
  • Promote personal wellness and the ability to make healthy choices.


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