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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NJ Transit Upgrading Monitors at Newark Penn Station

NJ Transit replaced some of the monitors on Tracks 3/4 at Newark Penn Station recently. Hopefully the new equipment is part of an overhaul of the computer system itself and not just a surface makeover of an inadequately powered network. The monitors are slightly wider than the previous ones, but they are displaying too many trains, making the font too small to read from any distance. They don't seem to have advertisements on them, at least not yet. One of the older monitors on Track 4 still displays ads when it should be telling passengers which stops the next train will make, as I mentioned in a previous blog.

Customer service remains poor between conductors and passengers. There are some trains where the stops are not announced to passengers on the train or platform. There have been trains where the conductors made themselves scarce and the train stops were not posted, so customers were scrambling to find a conductor on the train to ask about the stops. I carry an April schedule, the latest one available last week at Metropark, and those times are no longer accurate.

Rail Fan Window is a railroad hobbyist site focused on the New York City area, its subways, light rail systems, and regional trains. This link contains lots of photographs of Newark Penn Station and PATH.


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