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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Matawan Honor Roll (Serving Their Country World War 2)

The World War II memorial pictured above was included in the official Matawan Tricentennial (1686-1986) brochure, along with a note dating the photograph circa 1950. It presents an honor roll of those from Matawan, New Jersey who served their country during World War II. The six column list includes several doctors, nurses, and a reverend, as well as many servicemen.

The memorial pictured at right stands in a park at the corner of Main Street and Broad Street. It shows a list of those from Matawan Borough who served in World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War.

The engraved black granite wall includes more names than the open book, which apparently explains why the earlier memorial is nowhere to be seen. The new monument is also in alphabetical order.

I've included the list of names from the open book on this page and will add a separate page with the list from the granite wall monument at a later date.

I invite you to add biographical and service record details about those listed here by posting your comments below.

- Column 1 -
John Applegate
Joseph A Alt
William Allen
George Banks, Jr
Floyd Bliss
Clifford Brower
William L Brown
John Meade Boots
Paul Bednard
Arris Gordon Banke
Martin F Bell
Lumuel Berry
Aram Captanian, MD
John Chocha
Charles F Cooper
Leon G Christinat
Gilbert Captanian
Russell L Carter
Eric Larson
Charles Beynon
Robert Henderson
Dominic J Eovino
Arhne England
Gerard G Artelli
John B Lambertson, Jr
John Martin
Douglas W Lefferts
John Hessey
C Story Hallock
Spafford Walling Schanck, Jr
Paul E Dell
Arthur W Gough

Philip P Munning
N A Munning, Jr
George W Morey
John Van Pelt
Joseph E Vincent
S M Lazow, MD
Robert B Erdmann
John Jacob Anthony
James F Cuttrell
Raymond J Fallon
George Alexander Gillis
Paul Holmes
Thomas W Jackson
Russel H Pruden

- Column 2 -
Martin Cogan
John W Clayton
James Crine
Thomas H Capraum
Theodore J Daloria
Ross Duncan
William Dernberger
Luke J Durante
John Eggleston
Edward P Ellis
Peter Fierro
Isabel Fennon, RN
Edward R Francy
A Guigliano
George W P Hallarin
Robert Hardie
Charles E Hauser
Anthony Del Negro
William N Iadonisi
Robert Royster
Michael Dietzman
Anthony G Zambito
Ralph Lester Ingram
Arthur R Klatt
Edmund H Skinner
Louis P Zambito
William Anthony
Robert James Clayton
Emerson Cooper
Charles Joseph Keough
Donald Irving Lewis

J Clarence Lewis, 2nd
Millard E Rinear
Joseph P Schuber, Jr
Lloyd D Taylor
Charles W Lockwood
Kenneth Henderson
John Handy Hearn
Frank Samuel
George Joseph Thomas
William David Welch
Joseph J Reiher
William H Tichenor, Jr

- Column 3 -
Allan B Clayton
Oscar H Hyer, MD
Albert D Haycook, Jr
Charles J Hasemann, Jr
Howard A Henderson
Reseau B Hendrickson
Eugene R Inwood
Donald P Johnson
Arthur Johannesson
Frank L Johnson
Michael F Kidzus
Harry J Kahn
Joseph L Kirk
John W Keough, Jr
Lewis Kortenhaus
William A Longstreet
James E H Leuth
John E Laird
Thomas Baldwin
Joseph J Farrell
Robert Moore
Joseph D Alt
Arthur E Bumpus
William Sakowski
Murray A Parker
Watson L Stillwaggon
Arne Englund
Guy Eamello
Thurman E Nealis
John J Bradley
James W Horton
Timothy E Hussey

William Dietz
George Zumbano
George F Beam
Richard C Sturt
Robert C Sturt
John E Baird
Luther W Anderson
Leon F Garrison
Harold Eric Rasmussen
Albert H Langley
James J Hickey
Vito W Scadis

- Column 4 -
Frank H Lloyd Jr
Milton O Ludewig
John T Longo
Elwood A McElvaine
John W Muller
Robert J Malkmus, Jr
Daniel J Mancini
Charles Mandeville
Dwight E Morehead
Andrew McDonough
Julius Maresca
Brooklyn McMillan
Wilbur McElvaine
Harold Geo Martin [Harold George Martin]
Ralph Pappa
Ernest R Peterson
Joseph H Pryor
Daisy Riccardi, RN
Francis McGiff
Kenneth Roberts
John H W Brown
S Frank Mason, 3rd
James G Meyers
James G Martin
Kenneth Newton Pike
John Wm Renwick [John William Renwick]
Robert Rhea Woolley
Carmen De Nardo
William H Andrews
Walter J Sakowski
William J Betcher
Leroy F Cooper

Edgar S Castle
George G Meinzer, Jr
John R Moore
Joseph Hasemann
George E Rinear
Edmund H Skinner, Jr
Robert Keough
Arthur E Holliday
Carl Hendrickson
Leroy Antonio Maiolo
Russell M Hamilton
Ralph C Vaccarella

- Column 5 -
William Rinear
Theodore C Schuber
Francis Schuber
Philip H Schuber
Charles C Schock
Howard V Sloat
John Nelson Smith
Albert Stultz
Amos B Stultz
Walter E Shinn
Charles H Shinn
William Sandford
Herbert M Sturt
William J Smith, MD
Harry J Stillwell
Kenneth H Thorsen
Barry B Townsend
Harold O Thomas
Victor Papa
Garrett McKean, Jr
Anthony Oscar
James Hannon
James E Hutcheson
Biagio Paresi
Donald B MacMillan
Carl Albert Roberts
Angelo V Daloia
George C Smith
William E Smith, Jr
James G Smith, Jr
Francis Roberts, Jr
John M Anthony

Orson S Humphrey
William Leon Ifka
Charles E Merrill
G J Sterling Thompson, Jr
Robert H Eamello
Frank Eamello
Walter Edward Rapp
Harold W Tice
Charles Hodge
Frank Tourine, Jr
Rev Garrett S Detwiler
George W Martin

- Column 6 -
Everett W Tremper
Floyd Taylor, Jr
Edwin L Taylor
George L Van Deusen
Joseph P Vaccarella
William Wilder
John Winschuh
Charles P Watts
Percy C Young
Charles E Wyckoff
Donald Walker
Gerald G Wiggins
Jonathan D Winans
Arthur John Walz
Gerard T Flynn
Lewis A Wells
Harry C Wyckoff
Frank Johnannesson
John C Givins
Emilo Parisi
Grace G Hasemann, RN
John P Brady
Earle L Creveling
Charles Goey Van Pelt
John J Berbrick
Kenneth S Daniels
David Coakley
Holmes W Ellison, Jr
Harold M Holmes
Layfayette Hannon
Robert S McCurdy
Charles A Matz, Jr

Clarence A Suydam
Edward Hammond
Angelo P Durante
Albert W Capraun
Gordan V Ten Eyck
John Moore
Philip R Egan, Jr
Clarence Huff, Jr
Thomas A McDonald
Charles A Rainaud
John Edward Shepherd
Carmen Charles Casale
William Edward Monsen
Andrew Skerchek


  1. John J. Bradley was my husband's grandfather. He passed away not too long ago. He served proudly, and was featured in a History Channel special about how he was shot down in France during the war. He was at one time the president of the Board of Education for our school district. He went on to work for an airline and retired to California. '

    His son, my father-in-law, still lives in the house where John and his wife raised him, and he has a multitude of relatives still around the Matawan area.

    I will see if I can find out any of the particulars about his service history.

    Great post!

  2. I've corrected this article to show that this is a list of those who served, not those who died. I believe there are asterisks next to the names of those who died in the war. Sorry for the delay in making this correction and any confusion it might have caused.

  3. Peter Fierro was my grandfather. He served in the South Pacific during the War. His family ran a produce business and operated a farm in Matawan when he was younger, and he lived in Matawan almost his entire life. Fierro Avenue was named after the family; Elizabeth Avenue after his mother.

    His wife, Anne, passed away in 1983. He had two sons, a daughter and 5 grandchildren. He passed away in 2004. He was a wonderful person - one of the most generous, selfless people I have ever known.

  4. I've written about a number of local Italian families that managed businesses here in the early 20th century. It's nice to document their stories. I did some research and add it below. You surely know more and are welcome to add the pieces I couldn't find and a few anecdotes.

    Peter Fierro was born 30 May 1916 in New York State, probably in Brooklyn. In the 1920 Federal Census, Peter M Fierro was living with his parents in his mother's parents' household at 423 Park Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. His parents, Frank and Elizabeth Fierro, ages 38 and 23, resp., were both born in Italy and immigrated to the US in 1907. His grandparents, Vincent and Josephine Arpeno, ages 54 and 52, resp., were born in Italy and immigrated to the US in 1905. Frank was the proprietor of a vegetable market, while Vincent owned a grocery.

    I couldn't find the family in the 1930 Federal Census. Do you know the story of how and when the family moved from Brooklyn to Matawan?

    Peter enlisted on 2 September 1942 at Camden, NJ for World War II. He entered the service as a warrant officer at the rank of private. He was a resident of Monmouth County at the time.

    Peter's wife was active in the Catholic church. When St Clement's was being established in 1965, she helped with managing donations for a get-acquainted picnic, according to the Daily Register. And she was President of the Altar and Rosary Society at St Clement's, according to the Red Bank Daily Register in 1967.

    I found Peter's brother Frank M Fierro's obituary online in the Red Bank Daily Register in 1968.

    Peter lived at 46 Fierro Avenue in 1986 and 7 Middlesex Road in 1989. I looked on a map and located Fierro and Elizabeth Avenues across Route 34 from Middlesex Road, at the corner where Cafe 34 and Bistro is currently located. Did the Fierro's own much of that land and thus were able to name the streets? Fascinating. Presumably the family sold most or all of the land. Do you know the story of when the land was developed?

  5. I forgot to mention that St Clement's masses were held at the Broad Street elementary school in 1965 while the sanctuary was being built. This fact was included in the 1965 Red Bank Daily Register noted above.