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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Matawan Aberdeen Middle School 2009 Baseball Champs

Matawan Huskies are the Shore Conference of Middle Schools champs for the third consecutive year, according to the Independent and the school's website. The team had a 17-0 season. Congratulations to Jim Schueing and his team.

I can't find a site that explains this championship, but I presume that the title is bestowed on the team with the best record within the Shore Conference. I don't get the sense that there was a recent championship match, or the details of such a game, including the opposing team and a score, would have been mentioned. If there was no recent game, then why is this article appearing in the paper now when the season ended in May? I'm happy to see the team mentioned, I just am lacking details. Inquiring minds wanna know.

For those interested in middle school education, I came across the NJ Middle School Association and a page of weblinks for middle school educators produced by the NJ Consortium for Middle Schools.

Maybe I'm the only one left in town who didn't know, but I just realized that MAMS no longer stands for Matawan Avenue Middle School. Guess I've been out of touch. For others who weren't aware of this, the change to Matawan Aberdeen Middle School took place in September 2005, when much of the repair work was completed or under way after that unfortunate teenage arson fire the year before. (See the 2005 article in the Independent.)


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