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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Offer Your Thoughts on Schools' Mission and Vision on 17 June at MRHS

Just passing this along. If you live in Aberdeen or Matawan, I hope you can attend.

Be sure to check out the flyer online as it varies a bit from this letter. For example, the flyer asks for pre-registration and the letter makes no mention of it. And the flyer suggests dropping in anytime while the letter suggests a process that could easily take a couple of hours. Maybe someone in authority can offer a clarification of these and any other issues in the comments section below?


The MARSD's School Board has created a sub-committee to revise the district's Mission and Vision Statements. These statements are a vital part of any organization and are most effective when created in collaboration with all the stakeholders.

In an effort to include all members of our community in the revision of these statements, we are planning to replicate a world cafe structure on June 17th from 7:00 to 9:00 in the high school cafeteria. The structure is one where twenty tables will be set up, each table will have a different question and a table facilitator. Participants from our community will spend ten minutes at each table discussing the question and then independently move to another table. Our goal is to have over 200 participants join us throughout the evening for this dynamic event.

This an exciting opportunity for our community members to come together and share their personal mission, vision, values and beliefs for our school district. I have attached a flyer highlighting the event.

We welcome everyone's participation and hope to see you on June 17th. I hope you will join us and if possible, please pass the word.

The Subcommittee Advisory Board

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  1. Pat,

    Thanks for posting this. No pre-registration is necessary. Any time you arrive during the posted hours would be great. The more time you can offer, the better. We're trying to garner as much feedback as possible from the community.