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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pioneer Commodities USA, Cliffwood

Cocoa by the bag (World Cocoa Foundation)

Pioneer Commodities USA LLC is petitioning the Aberdeen Township Planning Board to allow them to begin storing 10,500 warehouse pallets up to 15 feet high in the southeast corner of the old Anchor Glass plant parking lot, 145 Cliffwood Avenue in Cliffwood, according to the 15 Aug 2012 agenda.

Research suggests that the company has a relationship with Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which is currently warehousing nearly 5 million bags of cocoa nationwide through its ICE Futures US branch. Over 800,000 bags of cocoa that arrived from around the world via Port of New York is currently in warehouses in the New York City area as of 10 August. The Cliffwood site is listed among ICE Future's approved warehouses supporting the Port of New York. Pioneer's point of contact is listed as John Cavaliere. See ICE Futures Report Center for Cocoa Warehouse Stock commodities statistics.

So, the large stock of pallets is apparently meant to facilitate storage of commodities at the Somerset Anchor site.


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