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Sunday, August 26, 2012

History: Odd Fellows Purchase/Rebuild Hall After Major Matawan Fire (1901)

The Matawan lodge of the Loyal Order of Odd Fellows (LOOF) bought the property where the former Washington Hall once stood at 192 Main Street in downtown Matawan, purchasing it in 1901 from the Simpson estate, according to the 12 Jun 1901 edition of the Red Bank Register (RBR). Washington Hall had burned down recently, leaving only the outer walls, which would be used in the construction of the planned two-story replacement.

A major fire had destroyed many buildings in the Matawan business district that January, according to Matawan and Aberdeen: Of Town and Field, pp 90-91. A caption under the photo of LOOF Hall as of 1905 (pg 91) says that Washington Hall had survived the 1901 fire, but that's not precisely the case based on the RBR article.


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