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Saturday, August 18, 2012

NJ Route 35 Facelift at Hand - Keyport > Aberdeen > Old Bridge

The long anticipated facelift of Route 35 between Keyport and Laurence Harbor is fast approaching. Aberdeen Township plans to implement a detour of Route 35 South for a seven day period, according to Resolution 2012-83, which is on the agenda for this week's Council meeting, so presumably the work, scheduled for FY 2012, will be underway shortly.

Perhaps someone in authority could tell us approximately when this roadwork is expected to take place, which intersections will be affected and how, and describe the detour's route? The resolution is rather uninformative. Since it is part of the consent agenda, there will be no discussion of its details or merits unless someone asks. An interview in The Patch might best serve the community in that regard.

To be fair, traffic is bound to be snarled, whether the hoards are re-routed through local arteries in Cliffwood Beach (Cliffwood Avenue to Greenwood Avenue Lakeshore to Ocean Blvd) or via roads in Cliffwood (County Road to Cliffwood Avenue). Timing is everything, though. If this detour happens during the school year, getting kids to and from Cliffwood Elementary is going to be a major hassle for both parents and buses.

For further details on this roads project, see my blog articles from April 2010 (click here) and March 2011 (click here).


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