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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Midway Green Cemetery, Aberdeen

Midway Green Cemetery is located on Reids Hill Road in Aberdeen. It is on Aberdeen Block 85 Lot 28 and is situated across the street from Union Prospect Cemetery. Both are thought to be African American graveyards.

The 5 Jan 1911 edition of The Matawan Journal included an obituary for Levena West, age 52, wife of Harry West, of Clinton Street.  She was survived by her husband and two children from a previous marriage. Her funeral was held at the Second Baptist Church. The burial was at Midway Green Cemetery. (The 1910 Federal Census listed her as Lavilia West, age 48, born in Virginia to Virginia parents. She and Harry lived on Orchard Street. Two of her four children were still alive.)

George Joynson, a local genealogist, maintains a web page about the cemetery, including an index of the graves. He says Midway Green's earliest stone is dated 1897; as of 1998, the cemetery was still being used.


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