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Friday, August 3, 2012

Majority of NJ Voters Don't Know Joe Kyrillos, Down from Large Majority in May

Here's an excerpt from a NJ election poll analysis written by FDU Mindpoll and included in the 2 August 2012 edition of the Atlantic Highlands Herald online.

"Despite the lead that Menendez holds over Kyrillos, there’s some good news for the senator from Monmouth County. More than half of all registered voters (57%) remain uncertain about who he is, and among them the majority are either positively predisposed toward the senator or have no opinion."

So, Fairleigh Dickinson University has found a silver lining in the bad news for Joe Kyrillos. A majority of NJ voters might not be too sure who he is but, of that group of people who don't know him, most can't think of a bad thing to say about him.

Oh, and FDU discovered even more supposed good news for the Kyrillos campaign: the fact that 57% of NJ voters get a vacant look when asked who Kyrillos is suggests that things are getting better for him. After all, that number was 68% back in May.

What sort of voodoo political poll analysis is this? Fairleigh bad, I'd say. And not very balanced.


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