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Friday, August 31, 2012

Aberdeen Town Council to Add Vendor to Contractors Co-op List

The 4 Sep 2012 agenda for the Aberdeen Town Council includes Resolution 2012-88, which resolves to add a vendor to the 2012 Monmouth County Co-op List. The name of this vendor is "attached" to the hard copy of the resolution but not provided online.

Aberdeen Township Resolution 2012-22 permits the Township to make certain no-bid purchases from approved NJ and Monmouth County contract vendors.

UPDATE 4 Sep 2012: Councilman Greg Cannon was kind enough to write and provide the name of the vendor as McGrath Municipal Equipment. The Township hopes to purchase a portable asphalt hot box recycler from McGrath for the Department of Public Works. He explained that adding the company to the Monmouth County Co-op List will save the Township on attorney's fees and advertising costs. He assured me that all public procurement laws are being followed and the township's purchasing agent, Jackie Struble, is getting the best possible price for the taxpayers. The omission of the name of the vendor was an oversight.

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  1. Councilman Cannon provided me with some additional information on the vendor matter being brought up at the Town Council on Tuesday evening. I've edited my article to more accurately reflect the situation and added an update based on his email.