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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Matawan to be Presented World Trade Center Steel for Memorial on Thursday

Matawan is one of a dozen New Jersey towns scheduled to receive a piece of World Trade Center steel with which to fashion a local memorial. The Newark Star-Ledger says the New Jersey Lieutenant Governor and a Port Authority executive will visit each town over the next week to officially present the steel, which has been stored at JFK International Airport in Queens since Ground Zero was cleared of debris in 2002. NBC says there will be over a thousand such pieces presented nationwide, each piece approved by special court order.

The Matawan ceremony will be tomorrow, Thursday 9 September, according to APP. As of this writing, the Borough website provides no information on when and where. The Lieutenant Governor twittered her activities on Wed but her web page in Trenton provides no schedule for the WTC steel events.

The current memorial to Matawan victims is on the property of St Clement's church. Perhaps the ceremony will be held there or at Memorial Park at the corner of Main and Broad?


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